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Target 6.jpg

our core principles

Target 6.jpg

We do not support an
Ivy-or-bust strategy.

Instead, we actively and energetically encourage students to identify colleges in ALL selectivity categories, ALL of which meet their academic and non-academic priorities.

In the end,

success is based on knowing you engaged in an intelligent, comprehensive process.

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We are not about
gaming the system.

We are about demystifying the process, applying

guidance and resources and enabling students to reach the finish line with a clear map
of the path forward.


Target 6.jpg

An informed consumer is a wise consumer. 

Viable applicants must be in a college's

academic ballpark.
Beyond that, college admission incorporates countless moving pieces, many of which are beyond a student's influence. 

We empower students to sensibly and 
systematically focus their efforts on factors they can control.

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